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Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan - Tom Landry

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Planning a training program to run a marathon is bit more complicated than it sounds. You could just take it day by day with the assumption that if you run hard enough and often enough, you'll be able to race your best on the day of the marathon. Or you could do a workout from one program on one day and another workout from a different program on a different day...a la buffet style training. Or you could hire a personal coach. Or.....

The point is, there are lots of ways to train for a marathon...and if you want a plan that is a bit more suited to your specific needs, you'll need to know more than just, "run x miles at y pace on z day."

The runbayou marathon training program can provide you with most of the tools you'll need to design and execute your own personal training regimen.

To get the most out of the Runbayou program, here is a suggested order of use of the web site.

Why Runbayou? - Does it work?

Philosophy- Read the Runbayou philosophy to see if this program is for you.
Here are links associated with the Runbayou philosophy.

bullet Optimal Stress
bullet Optimal rest
bullet Optimal progress
bullet Periodization
bullet Goal setting
bullet Weight training).

The Bibliography page will provide you with many of the books and articles used to develop the Runbayou program.

Runbayou Program - Read the Runbayou Program for an overview of phases, schedule, and weekly mileage. Each phase has a separate link.

VDOT Calculator - This will help you calculate your optimal training paces.
Caution: Read about the VDOT index in Jack Daniels' Running Formula before you start training!

This week - Click this link for weekly workout schedule, specific workouts, and daily tips. There is also an archive section as well as specific future workouts...but not too far in the future.

Connecting Flights  and Bayou City - When you just want to know and do more....

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