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Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan - Tom Landry

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Why Runbayou?
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Runbayou is made up of distance runners who are motivated to improve. There are no guarantees but check out these performances after only one season of Runbayou training.

bullet6 personal records (PR) set in the 2006 Houston Marathon
bullet9 in the top 10% of their age group in the 2006 Houston Marathon
bullet1 PR set in the Austin Marathon
bullet1 first place finish in the Kingwood Marathon
bullet2 first place finishes in two different 5Ks

But wait, there's more.

See what the runners are saying about the program. Look at the pretty picture taken way too early in the morning. Find out how Runbayou got started.

bulletTestimonials - What folks are saying about Runbayou
bulletRunbayou members - Who we are and how to contact us
bulletJay Hendrickson aka Chip Tyme - Runbayou founder and lead Gatorade provider


Here is what folks are saying about the Runbayou training program.

I have been running consistently for 6 1/2 years and during that time I have run 15 marathons. I have been coached by Al Lawrence and Kent Oglesby (internet based former world class runner). In December I ran a 3 minute PR in the 30K and at Houston had a marathon PR under less than ideal conditions. Im not getting any younger so it must be the program.
-  John McWhorter.

I also wanted to take the time to thank you for the excellent program you have put together. I think my finishing time speaks for itself as I improved my marathon PR from a 3:56:43 in Houston in 2004, to a 3:16:35 this past Sunday. I have never trained physically harder for anything in my life, and it obviously paid off. Thank you again.
- Jim Wurzburger.

Thanks for helping me train for a great run today. I'm very happy with my 4+ minute PR.
- J.P. Anderson

Many thanks again to you for a great training program. I clearly picked up a lot more speed and endurance than I've had in past races.
 - J.P. Anderson (after his sub-3 hour Austin Marathon 1 month later)

The Runbayou program helped me to increase my mileage safely and without injury as well as increase my running confidence. During the Runbayou program I was able to finish first in 2 5K races and one marathon!
- Kimberly Simmons

All your hard work paid off and you helped a lot of other runners get ready for the race.
- Mike Crowley

I enjoyed the Runbayou program and would welcome the opportunity to continue training with the group.
- Scott Schwind

Really appreciate all you've done for me this (last) year, its been truly great to run with a motivated group, under your guidance and direction.
- John Soul

The Runbayou program is great!! I feel stronger than I have in years and my 5k time is improving, too!!!!  Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!
- Bernie Steffeck

Cudos again, to Jay, Runbayou, and the Jack Daniels Training Plan.  I really felt their training plan paid off for me on Sunday.  I qualified for Boston with a 3:52:49.
- Bernie Steffeck (1 month later in the Austin Marathon)

...thanks again for runbayou.  I definitely go to your web site  more than any other.  I thought it was an excellent training  program!
Rebecca Whitney

The 2006 Runbayou members

There are currently over 60 folks subscribed to the Runbayou email distribution list. Emails are sent to this list a few times per week and provide workout information, tips, and current racing news.

The Runbayou email list is in MS Word format and is password protected. The password is provided to folks on the distribution list. If you are on the list, you get the password. If you're not on the list...no password, no exceptions.

To get the Runbayou email list, click here.

Please do not abuse/spam the folks on the list.

Here's a picture of many of the Tuesday/Thursday morning workout crew. This picture was taken just before our last workout; 5 days before the 2006 Houston Marathon.

It's January 10, 2006 at 4:45am. We're cold. Hurry up and take the picture!

Chip Tyme

I was 45 years old and about 25lbs overweight when I decided to run a marathon. Not just any marathon mind you; the Boston Marathon. When informed that you have to actually qualify to run in Boston, I realized that I'd have to run two marathons. Had I known how hard it would be, I would've stuck to tennis.

So, in July 1998, I joined the Houston Fit marathon training program with a single goal of running the 1999 Houston Marathon fast enough to qualify for Boston. I went to the seminars, read everything I could get my hands on, and immersed myself in distance running.

In January 1999, I ran my first marathon and qualified to run in the Boston Marathon. I was now a marathoner and was going to Boston! The next day, it began to hit me. Boston was only 3 months away and I couldn't even walk down stairs. And questions were flooding me...could I recover in time to be able to run in Boston? And what about Boston...would I run it faster, slower, the same....what? It was confusing but I was hooked and determined to find the answers. So I read more...

I've continued to study the art and science of distance running and train accordingly. Since 1998, I'm happy to report that my race times have dropped dramatically and I have managed to accumulate a few racing awards from the 5K to the marathon.

I love setting challenging goals and the process of achieving them. The Runbayou training program is all about your goals and your desire to reach them.


-Jay Hendrickson
"all my times are Chip Tymes"

To view my running resume, click here.

To view my personal web site, go to: www.jayhendrickson.runbayou.com.

Running resume

Personal Records (PRs)

bulletMarathon - 2:58:19 in January 2005 at HP Houston Marathon
bullet10K - 37:58 in November 2004 at Uptown Turkey Trot
bullet5 Miles - 30:22 in February 2006 at Park to Park
bullet5K - 17:43 in April 2005 at Bellaire Trolley Run

Awards & Honors

bullet2004 HP Houston Marathon - Invited runner
bullet2005 & 2006 Bayou City Road Runners (BCRR) - Top Gun award for best racing performance
bulletSpring 2005 Houston Area Road Runners (HARRA) - 2nd place Veteran Runner of the Season
bullet2005 HP Houston Marathon - Winner 50-54 Male Age Group

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