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Proper weight training is different than body building or high strength training (e.g., power lifting). The benefits of endurance weight training include: a) toning your muscles so that they don't fatigue during a marathon and b) allowing blood to flow easier throughout your muscles.

IMPORTANT - Use your knowledge of running to guide you. The weights should be light enough so that you could do this every day if you have time. Just like running easy every day with a day off now and then.

Strength training for your legs and ankles is done during hill training of the Runbayou program. The Runbayou program does not include additional leg weight training.

One of the best ways to do upper body endurance weight training is circuit training.

Basics of circuit training

The following tips are based on using weight machines that work a variety of upper body muscles.

bullet~1 minute per station and quickly moving from station to station.
bulletAfter all stations have been completed; rest for ~15 minutes and repeat for a total of 3 sets.
bulletLift at a medium-slow speed (e.g., ~1 second extension and ~1 second return).
bulletLift light weights - The weight will be very light; remember, you're doing 3 sets of ~30 repetitions (1 minute at each station); It's kinda like starts out easy but after an hour, you feel it.

Bibliography - see Staying Power by Nathaniel Mosher in Bibliography.

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