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Marathon-specific training

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General purpose of this phase

bulletThe objectives of this phase are to practice running at marathon pace and final preparation for the marathon.
bulletThe primary quality workouts are marathon paced long runs and threshold workouts during the week.
bulletPlan to taper at the end of this phase.
bulletAt the end of this phase, you'll be so ready to rest.
bulletHave FUN!


bulletThe marathon pace workouts will be tough as you will continue to log high mileage each week and you will not taper prior to the workouts.
bulletPrepare for the marathon pace workouts by eating and drinking what you plan on doing the day of the marathon race.
bulletKeep your eyes on the prize. The goal is the marathon; not to win a training run.

Specific goals

bulletOne marathon pace workout every other week for 4 weeks.
bulletOne tempo run and interval workout at threshold pace on the off marathon pace workout.
bulletThis is in addition to your easy runs and long slow distance run.

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