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Interval pace training

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General purpose of this phase

bulletThe objective of this phase is to improve your ability to run fast over longer distances.
bulletThe primary quality workouts are interval and threshold pace drills - fast running over longer distances with easy jogging between work bouts.
bulletA) Interval drills - Fast running (~5K race pace) over short distances (~800-1200 meters) with active recovery jogs of equal time between work-bouts (Click here for pace details). Ever hear of VO2Max? Intervals help you improve yours!
B) Lactate threshold drills - Slower than 5K race pace running (25-35 seconds slower) over mile repeats and 20-30 minute tempo runs (Click here for pace details).
bulletPlan to enter Phase 5 (Marathon specific training) ready to utilize your strength, stamina, and speed.
bulletAt the end of this phase, you'll be ready for marathon pace workouts.
bulletHave FUN!


bulletOf course you can run faster in the tempo runs. Don't. Focus on staying healthy and being able to do the threshold pace runs multiple times per week.
bulletYour average weekly mileage will be at or near the peak for this phase.
bulletKeep your eyes on the prize. The goal is the marathon; not to win a training run.


bulletTwo sessions per week for 6 weeks.
bulletOne session may be a threshold run and the other session may be intervals at ~5K race pace.
bulletThis is in addition to your easy runs and long slow distance run.

Workout tips

bulletFocus on form.
bulletUse Coach Daniels' VDOT formula to determine your threshold paces.
bulletThis is the toughest phase of training...get plenty of sleep.

Key books to review

bulletDaniels' Running Formula, Jack Daniels, Ph.D.
bulletAdvanced Marathoning, Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas

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