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These are some of the books I've used in my training and literature review.

  1. Daniels' Running Formula, Jack Daniels, Ph.D. If you only buy one book to read, this is the book. Read it often. You'll be amazed what you learn after you've referred to it a dozen times!
  2. Running with Lydiard, Arthur Lydiard & Garth Gilmore. This book is key to the hill training phase and describes the training techniques in layman's terms.
  3. Programmed to Run, Thomas S. Miller, Ph.D. Excellent source for running technique
  4. Lore of Running, Timothy Noaks, MD. The reference book for all things running
  5. Advanced Marathoning, Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas. Nice multi-week, multi-marathon, training schedules
  6. The Cutting Edge Runner, Matt Fitzgerald. Scientific principles of training made easy to understand.

Here is an alphabetical bibliography. The list is incomplete and I do not have all of the bibliographic information on every article. If you see an article, and know the source, please contact me and I will update the list.

bullet Alberto Salazar's Top Ten Training Tips for the Marathon
bulletAmby Burfoot. Evolution of Training Systems: Part One - Early training ran from absurd to functional
bulletAmby Burfoot. Evolution of Training Systems: Part Two - A time when training became a science
bulletAmby Burfoot. Evolution of Training Systems: Part Three - Lydiard Leads the Way
bulletAmby Burfoot. Yasso 800s (Note: Article appeared in Runner's World in October, 1994)
bulletArt Liberman (1998). Marathon Countdown and Race Day Strategy
bulletBlair Gorsuch, M.S. Circuit Training
bulletBrad Appleton. Stretching and Flexibility - Working Toward the Splits
bulletCedric Jaggers. Tricks of the Trade -- How to Run Your Best
bullet Dale Guilford. Jump Training for Runners
bulletDave Jewell. The Dangers of Hot Weather Running
bulletDavid Holt (1998). Marathon Training
bulletDavid Holt  (1998). Marathon and 10K training: Running to a Peak Race.
bulletDavid Olds. TACTICAL TRAINING: Training to Race
bulletDon Allison. Those Stiff and Aching Muscles
bulletDon Allison. How to Run Like an Olympian - Or at Least Look Like One
bulletDon Allison & Jamie Auciello, November 20, 1997. A Visit to the Health Club
bulletDoug Couper Ph.D. More than you ever wanted to know about speedwork in four easy parts
bulletEdward Rhodes, Ph.D., American Running and Fitness Association. Successful Carbohydrate Choices

Eoin Fahy, Ph.D, (1996). Intervals


Jeff Galloway. A Slow Start Can Make Any Run More Enjoyable


Jeff Galloway. Posture Perfect

bulletJeff Galloway. Three tips on running form: CHP
bulletJeff Galloway. Seasonal Running
bulletMedicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, (1996, Vol. 28, No. 4, pp. 450-456). Dealing with Lactate
bulletMembers of the Boston Athletic Association (BAA). Nine Frequently Asked Questions
bulletNathaniel Mosher. Staying Power: New Methods for Training Endurance Athletes
bulletOwen Anderson, Runners World, March 1992 v27 n3 p28. Speed Sandwich
bulletOwen Anderson (November 1996). 5 Keys to Improvement
bulletOwen Anderson, (1995). WHICH SPORTS ARE BEST FOR YOUR RUNNING?
bulletOwen Anderson (1996). Taper Talk
bulletPeak Running Performance (1997). Stretching Techniques for Maximum Flexibility
bulletPeak Running Performance  (1997). How to Raise Your Lactate Threshold
bulletPeak Running Performance (1997). The Science of Peaking
bulletPeak Running Performance (1997). How Running Physiology Impacts Optimal Training
bulletPete Pfitzinger. A New Look at an Old Foe: Lactic Acid
bulletPhillips, E. (1992). Muscle Theory
bulletRoy Benson. Hey, Old Dog -- Got Any New Tricks?
bulletRoy T. Benson, MPE, C.F.I.. Phase II: Stamina
bulletRODALE PRESS, INC. August, 1995. Improving the Economy: Investment strategies for your running
bulletRODALE PRESS, INC. July, 1994. On The Threshold
bulletShelly-lynn Florence. Tapering and Carbo Loading The Last Few Weeks
bulletStephen Seiler (1996). Basic Skeletal Muscle Physiology
bulletStephen Seiler (1996). Training Adaptations in Skeletal Muscle
bulletStephen Seiler (1996). Aging Effects on Skeletal Muscle
bulletStephen Seiler (1996). Skeletal Muscle Fiber Type
bulletStephen Seiler (1996). Maximal Oxygen Consumption- The VO2 MAX
bulletStephen Seiler (1996). The Lactate Threshold
bulletStephen Seiler (1996). Efficiency and Endurance Performance
bulletStephen Seiler (1996). The Brain-Body Link and Adaptation to Training
bulletStephen Seiler (1996). Principles of Training- Revisited
bulletStephen Seiler (1996). Strength Training and Endurance Performance
bullet Stephen Seiler (1996). The Importance of Even Pacing for Top Performance
bulletStephen Seiler (1996). Understanding Intervals: Matching training characteristics to physiological changes
bulletSuzanne Girard Eberle, M.S., R.D. Finish, then refuel fast

Trevor Smith. Stress & Recovery: Key to Success; Copyright, American Running and Fitness Association.

bulletUnknown Author. A Stride Guide for Runners
bulletUnknown Author. The most Basic Law of Training
bulletUnknown Author (1999). Speed Training
bulletUnknown Author. Baking Instructions: What you should know about running in the heat
bulletUnknown Author. The Heart of the Matter: Heart-rate training allows you to train precisely and effectively
bulletUnknown Author. Slice Minutes Off Your Marathon Time
bulletUnknown Author 5 December 1999 . Speed Training

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