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The Runbayou philosophy of training is based on the most basic law of training and is designed to minimize the risk of injury as you train to run a fast marathon. The training program applies theories developed from endurance research and draws on the successful programs of many leading distance running coaches including Jack Daniels, Ph.D. and the late Arthur Lydiard. These theories and programs have been modified and adapted to produce a training program tailored to the requirements of runners with day jobs.

All Runbayou training programs are based on the most basic law of training:
Optimal Stress + optimal Rest = optimal Progress
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Dr. Andrew Marks and his team at Columbia University have found new evidence for the cause of muscle fatigue (see the New York Times article by Chang W. Lee on 2/12/2008). I have not yet read Marks' research yet, nor  have I seen any supporting studies. That said, the Times article is compelling. The short story is that it is calcium leaking into muscle cells that is the culprit of muscle fatigue. Although scientists refuted the lactate accumulation theory several years ago, there had not been a viable theory to take it's place until now.

What does this mean with respect to training, specifically threshold workouts?

Probably nothing. After all, clearing lactate may still be a good idea. And, workouts designed to delay the point where calcium begins to leak into muscle cells may be similar to current Lactate Threshold workouts.

In other words, the paces for threshold runs will not change...even with a better understanding of the physiology. So, until I understand the theory better I'll probably not update the web site. ☺

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